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© 2015  Privacy Policy


Post & Beam structures 

Post & beam and log-style buildings have a very long tradition over most of Central Europe and northern America.

A sturdy timber frame filled in with mud brick, brick, straw bale or aerated concrete, or solid log walls, withstands centuries in the harshest climate.

These traditional construction methods offer themselves to many modern design options.

Today’s machinery allows the revival of beautiful old building techniques like wooden pegged mortise and tenon joints, dovetail connectors, as well as curved Glulam beams of huge dimensions.


¨ We are able to design and supply traditional and modern Glulam post and beam frames to any style and size.


¨ We can supply Glulam/log structures for small extensions, whole domestic buildings, up to massive commercial buildings with big spans like halls, concert halls and arenas, in any shape or size.


¨ The Glulam frame will be precision manufactured in Germany and delivered collapsed.


¨ Any Glulam timber size is possible. 1 & 1/2 or 2 story buildings, as well as community halls, are most economical and beautiful to look at compared to big steel structures otherwise used.


¨ Glue laminated (and dried to around 12% moisture content) timbers ensure that only minimal shrinking and cracking occurs after machining. Every finished piece is numbered and detailed plans tell where they go. This makes assembly and erecting of the frame straightforward and quick.


¨ Whatever your design, this building method gives you a structure, and a roof, fast.


¨ Filling in the frame, and building inside partitions, can then be done sheltered and at any pace.


Due to the big timber sizes used a post & beam frame will:

* withstand a bushfire much better than a conventional stud home or steel-framed hall.

* withstand earthquakes & cyclones much better than masonry walls/steel structures on their own.